Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Still bad, but at least this time it's funny...

It is rainy and cold, so I decided to bring the neckwarmer I knitted a few weeks ago with me to school. But... I somehow arrived at school and couldn't find it. I looked in the car and on the floor next to my desk, but no luck. In the afternoon when I talked to Steve I told him it was missing and that I thought I'd dropped it on the way out. Did he see it anywhere? No. He didn't.

Of course, I saw it as soon as I pulled into the driveway. It was in the GUTTER. Right smack in the middle of the nasty muddy rainwater filled gutter.

I washed it out 5 times in the sink, and then I threw it in the washing machine. It had huge amounts of dirt in it, in addition to little pieces of metal and chunks of plant. I'm kinda oogey feeling about wearing it next to my mouth, even though I washed it on warm.

Let's hope it's clean! Unfortunately, it did get a bit fuzzy looking with all the washing.


My mom also had an interesting day. She drove off in our 80 year old Model A but forgot to remove a five foot long box containing a set of roof racks for our SUV from the passenger side running board before she left. Someone in our neighborhood found the box in the road and called our house to return it. She also dropped her phone in the toilet today.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger cshogan said...

Sounds like all your bad karma hit on the same day. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.


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