Saturday, November 22, 2008

You'd think that my string of bad luck would come to an end, but no. It looks like it could be years until we have a house, my school year is tougher than one would hope, and even my knitting is sucking.

With just over 1 month till Christmas, here's how it's going. (Comments in italics)

-11+ Tiny mitten ornaments for a swap
2.5 pairs done for the swap, 4.5 pairs finished total
-Fingerless gloves for my father in law
Still done. YES!
-Socks for my mom
About 1/3 of a sock to go. No sweat.
-Scarf for my dad
Swatched three patterns, everything looked awful.
-Lace shawl for my mother in law
Spent $36 on yarn that is more variegated than I thought it would be. The shawl looks terrible and I am hoping I can re-dye the finished lace, but I really don't know. This makes me sad.
-Optional second gift for sister in law and her fiance
Well, if my dad's and MIL's presents go in the trash can, maybe I'll have time for this one after all.

Oh yes, one bright spot- I saw gas for $1.99 a gallon today! Yay recession!


At 8:52 PM, Blogger Jon de Plume said...

Out of the data you provided the mysteries of the universe unfolded to me on my calculator. Numbers, thoughts, and the sound of a laptop fan spoke to me on the breeze.

Your numbers put you at a 47% average completion rate, with 235 points out of a possible 500.

This may sound dismal, but Cowboy Cal might want a war of the numbers. With 4.5 mittens done out of about 11 you hit a 41% completion rate. Not too bad. Four-thirds of 2 socks puts you at a respectable 84. Then things get a little hazy with Papa's scarf. Though the 3 swatches may look bad to you, Mozart still loved music. If you decide to make the scarf smaller, say 10 swatches you have already hit 30%.

Entering the realm of the unknown, the term "shawl" instead of cursed pieces of variegated yarn thrown to the lions, aka Tony the Destroyer, infers it is complete but looks like me, ugly, disfigured, with a slight scent of gouda. A dye job won't take too long so you hit 80 with this one.

The other presents headed for the giant trash can in the sky earn you a big fat zero. Actually the number 0 is pretty slender, so Cal can figure that one out.

There are worse things, such have only started tomorrow, or bursting into flames at the sight of Anthony Bourdain.


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