Friday, June 19, 2009

YouTube TimeMachine

Somehow (How? I can't even remember) I was alerted to the existence of Ghoti Hook reunion concert footage on You Tube. They played this week! In Philadelphia!

Here is some, and here is some more. My goodness, I had forgotten how good "Seasons" and "Shrinky Dinks" were. (Find them around the four minute marks.)

What else can I find on You Tube. Christian punk/ska music videos from my past? Let's see!

Ghoti Hook- Shrinky Dinks

Five Iron Frenzy- A Flowery Song My favorite band of all time. I saw these guys in concert a LOT.

Five Iron Frenzy- Old West (live) You might not know this about me, but I can skank like nobody's business. This video (12 years old!) makes me want to go back in time to a ska concert so much.

The Orange County Supertones- Adoni

The W's- The Devil is Bad

MxPx- Doing Time

Switchfoot- Company Car

Switchfoot- Chem 6A Man, I was listening to these guys in 1997.... I saw them open for Five Iron Frenzy one time, and Yuri from MxPx spilled water on me from a balcony.

It's getting really late, but I must include one more band. Warning: strange music ahead. I bought Danielson Famile's first album in 1996. When I saw them live in 2006 everyone at the sold out concert was talking about how they were a "Myspace phenomenon." Ha. I saw Daniel in concert by himself in 2003 with Ben. There were less than ten people there and it was one of the best two concerts I've ever attended.

Danielson Famile- Rubbernecker

Danielson Famile- Did I Step on Your Trumpet A recent video, but seriously. I think this music video is perfection.

Whew! Now I need to dig out my album of high school CDs! Hope some of you enjoyed these too. :o)


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