Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Favorite TV quote of the day

"Honey, stop talking about your scars. It makes you sound like a sea captain."

-Samantha Who

Monday, November 26, 2007

The next adventure on our path seems to be buying a house. We'll see when this all happens, but we are hoping that it will be by this spring. The fact that this is even a possibility is amazing. We keep seeing homes that have lowered their listing price $100,000. There is a house near my work that finally (After almost six months) has a sale pending sign. They lowered their asking price $150,000. Looks like the housing crash is becoming a reality! Good to be us, sucks to be a person trying to sell their house right now....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A little wedding

Yesterday I helped throw a wedding. Three days is enough time to plan a wedding when there are only 7 people there! We had a lovely time, and now my best buddy here is married.

It was in another friend's backyard, who had gotten ordained by the Universal Life Church for the occasion. There were tiki torches all over, and funky shaped christmas lights hanging from the arbor cover. I helped make the bouquet by trimming down a grocery store bunch of roses into the correct size. There was random wedding music streaming off the internet, and the ceremony lasted about three minutes. I took the wedding photos.

Afterward, we had a little vegan cake and champagne. I got all the traditional wedding shots- cutting the cake, bride and groom's hands... first dance. We actually set up the self timer and got a group shot, which turned out quite cute. Our internet reverend, her husband, the bride and groom, witness 1, witness 2 (me) and Steve...

We went inside and hung out for a few hours. Filled out the paperwork, played with the kittens that live there. Quite different from my wedding, but I think just as special for my friend.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christmas is coming!

Although I am totally annoyed about seeing Christmas ads on TV and having holiday cups at Starbucks already, I have actually been knitting things for Christmas since October.

These are ornaments made from this pattern. They still need little faces drawn on, a ribbon to hang with, and perhaps some little bells on the hat. I am doing an ornament swap, which I also participated in last year. I got some awesome stuff, and I know this year will be just as much fun!

Besides that, I have already purchased presents for three people, and I am knitting presents for two more. :o) Maybe I won't have to scramble to get things done quite as much as last year.

Monday, November 05, 2007

I called the dentist last week to reschedule my appointment because of a time conflict. Now, it looks like I have to call them AGAIN because something else has come up in my new timeslot. They're going to start thinking that I'm avoiding them. Which, uhhhh, I probably am. Secretly and deep down in my forgetful little mind.