Saturday, May 31, 2008

Still no answer on the house. We put the offer in a bit over three weeks ago, and were told a while back that we should hear about now. So.... shrug. I need house.

Plus we just found out that there is a BBQ restaurant two little blocks away. We went there for dinner tonight and it was superawesome. If we get this house, we'll be able to walk there.

If we don't hear something by Tuesday I'm going to start really freaking out.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm not pregnant

1) I'm not pregnant. (See title.)

2) I just saw a photo of a friend from high school wearing a bikini and holding her four month old baby. Damn I hate her. Completely flat stomach and no stretch marks that I can see. How is that even possible?

3) In the last few months I've had quite a few nightmares that I was pregnant. I also get asked about when we're having a baby more often than I think I should be. Having a baby and a new mortgage would be... really uncool. (Hence, nightmares.)

4) My boss got married the same day as us, and his wife is due in a few more months. He would account for like half of the "when?" questions.

5) My best friend from high school is throwing a 1st birthday party this weekend for her third daughter. (!)

6) I love my friend J's baby girl who is almost 6 months old, but I am so not ready to give up all my knitting time. But I will happily give up knitting time for a few hours to hold her so her mom can knit!

I think I have more friends with bebes than your normal 25 year old.

You know how many babies I have knitted for in the past year? 11.

7 coworkers
2 friends
1 relative
1 baby item for hire for coworker's sister

And I haven't even limited the knitting to one item for each of these babies! Those 11 kids are responsible for 7 pairs of booties, 2 pairs of socks, 4 sweaters, and 1 hat.

I've resorted to making baby items for babies that don't exist because I am so sure that any second now two more friends, a coworker, and perhaps a few of my cousins will be pregnant. But not me. Not yet. I'm still sticking by my done by thirty line, though. Which if we have two kids means um.... 27/28 is getting way closer than it used to feel.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Freaking out here

I did the ritualistic daily refreshing of the home listing, and it says "Pending with release" which means that there is a contract in effect. So, um... whose?

Is it OURS? Do we have the house barring any chimney-related disasters?? Have we just not heard anything because there is a wildfire near our realtor's house and for all we know she has been evacuated?

Or was the mysterious third offer hugely better than ours and no one told us and no one let us raise our offer.

This is awful. I may start feeling pukey with stress soon if no one lets me know what is going on.

Edit- I just talked to our realtor. There is NO contract on the house, and no reason for the seller's agent to have changed the status. This is probably a good thing for us, though, as it means that the house will not be showing up as an active listing and this will also keep other people from making an offer. We're still waiting to hear back from the lender. A week ago we were told it would be about 2 weeks. So.. high alert is off. Mood is back to normal.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I was watching What Not to Wear tonight, and I totally own one of the pairs of shoes the girl was wearing. The hosts didn't actually insult the shoes- only the fact that she was wearing sneakers and a skirt that didn't match.

The sneakers are...
5 years old
burgandy and tan
from Payless
cost less than 10 bucks
made of vinyl.

But they're cute with jeans!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We went to the house again today, this time with my parents in tow. We got a big surprise- the garage has been converted to a rental unit. If we get the house, we will be demoing the wall they put up in behind the garage door, putting back in the hardware for the roll-up door, and getting rid of the shower, toilet, sink, and kitchenette. ...Yeah.. Or we just keep it and then Steve never has to come in from the garage.

Our offer is the best one now. Supposedly we should be getting in answer in about two weeks.


I ran one of those word cloud things on my blog, and featured words included HOUSE and STRESS STRESS STRESS. (Yes, three times.) Plus Alan Rickman, dumb kids, and cell phone. And the word "eh." Interesting, ehhhhhhhhhh?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So there was another offer. A better offer. So we are changing our offer so it is The Best Offer Ever TM. As in, oh my gosh, look at that offer. We cannot say no because Sarah and Steve look so nice in that wedding picture they sent, plus their offer is The Best Offer Ever TM.

The realtor is delivering the offers tomorrow, but I have no idea when we'll find out if we got the house. It could still take until June or something.

(We'll see. Plus we don't have inspections yet so maybe the house is slowly being crushed by the chimney or something, and we will turn it down. Who knows.)

Ahh! Stress stress stress.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The wait begins

We put in an offer. I wrote the biggest check of my life for the deposit/good faith money. We won't know much for a while, though, since it is a short sale and not a private seller. Lots to be nervous about....

Fingers crossed, eh?

Another house. Another promising house. Hold your breath for us, because it looks like this could be the first place we put an offer on. There weren't any photos on the listing, but strangely enough I took a picture of the house in January.

Totally weird, right? There was another house across the street for sale and I snapped a few pictures of the neighborhood. I can tell that it is the correct house based on the way the trees, roofline, and the jet skis in the driveway match up with google maps' satellite view of the property.

This house looks too good to be true. I really hope it isn't....

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Popcorn Eating Innovation

So... we hate getting popcorn butterygrease on our fingers, so sometimes Steve and I just stick our face into the bowl of popcorn and eat it that way. Hey- no one is around to see this behavior! But tonight I came up with the perfect popcorn eating solution. No greasy fingers, and no pig eating from a trough debauchery, either. The answer, my friends, is chopsticks.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

This is what I did for an hour and a half tonight. It looks really nice in person, even though the whole time I made it I was freaking out about how little you really have control over the imprecise lines created by children's oil pastels. I filled in the town with crayon a bit because I simply couldn't make anything small enough that wasn't just an oil pastel blob.

My class will be doing this art project tomorrow for our Moon Journals. :o) They will look awesome... Also, the vacant stare in my eyes is what I look like 45 min. after bedtime while watching dull television and trying not to look at the camera.