Saturday, November 30, 2002

irvine+ford... woohoo

"Irvine is the nation's largest planned community—as well as its most-planned. Drive through the carefully landscaped streets, past mile upon mile of pristine, harmonious town-house and condominium developments, and you'll search in vain for a hint of creativity."

my parents said, "they make irvine sound bad!" well, yeah.

1. late thursday, my aunt went wierd again. she put betadine (wound cleaner, i think) in her rabbit's water and in her laundry, threw out all her food, and took off in her electric wheelchair at 3 am. evidently when they released her from the hospital wednesday, the doctor said she should go to a residential care facility, but my grandparents wouldn't listen.

2. i saw solaris friday. what the hell?? and i didnt really want to see george clooney's naked ass, repeatedly.

3. when i was a kid, i thought that if you put liquid paper on a cookie sheet and baked it in the oven, you could make a peice of paper.

4. i have pharyngitis, which is some sort of upper respiratory infection. i spent almost 3 hours in the walk in clinic, which really sucked... they gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, but that really messes up sarah's plans for the next 8 days. darn antibiotics. but hopefully, my pharyngewhatchamacallit will be all fixed in the next few days.

5. yesterday, i finally met Misses Ellie and Hannah Park, women of leisure. I got to hold a sleeping Hannah for a long time. i've never held a baby that small before. the babies sleep with their tounges sticking out just a little bit, and Ellie is very curious, looks around constantly with big wide eyes. i took a picture of them sleeping on the floor with their hands on each other's faces or bellies. how cute... and i got to help change them, too. (which was still bordering on cute)

6. i had a dream last night in which i wrote the perfect blog update, but as you can tell, it didnt happen.

7. who says crime doesnt happen on cruise ships?

Thursday, November 28, 2002

so, i'm in ventura now... way too much driving in the last two days! thanksgiving at my grandparents in newport beach was,.... meh. ok. my mom cooked everything and the food was good! but my aunt got out of the mental ward yesterday (she's schitzophrenic) and she was being.... anyways. i got to speak spanish with her caretaker, though! ventura is more fun. its good to see mindy and the rest of my cousins, but mindy and i are just hoping we don't get kicked out of her room! there are so many people here... and i'd rather share mindy's bed than sleep on the floor in the living room or someplace else random.

today i did something i always want to do- i called a "how's my driving" number off the back of a truck, and told them that the person was driving just fine. they got kinda confused when they asked me what the problem with the persons driving was, and i said there was no problem

random links of the day:

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

why do people say "no pun intended"? we all know the pun was intended...

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by the proper Victorian ladies at Spookbot

so i'm home... yet it isn't home. its the strangest feeling being here. my room is way too neat, and there is a ticking clock in the living room which is not normal at all. sounds like gramma and grampa stamp's house used to. (divided by 20)

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

i think i fixed my dissapearing archive problem!

the plan:
1 eat something
2 go to the gym and work on upper body for 30-40 min.
3 go to the damn library and work on the damn term project (probably till 5.... i'll be in learning resources and curriculum- thats second floor, make a left out of the elevators. come find me)
4 eat something

right before i turned in my math midterm, i realized that the reason i'd been getting a funky answer for one of the problems was that i had said that 16+6=24. whoops! also, while checking my last homework assignment with cherie, she brought it to my attention that i had written that 36 /9=7. i am a stupid, stupid person.

yay! its um... a hat made of meat.

Monday, November 25, 2002

i fail to understand why my neighbors leave bags of trash outside their doors for days, when the dumpster is a 30 second walk away...

Sunday, November 24, 2002

anna kornikova should give up claiming that she is a tennis player, and admit that she's a model........

i spent an hour or so talking with carolyn tonight, about everything. the depression i've been going through, my issues with my parents, my grandparents who've died and the ones i still have, my relationships... i must tell you, its kinda nice to have a future psychologist/ counselor as a roomate. i did my share of crying, she did more than her share of listening. i dont think that anything is necesarily solved, but its good to talk it out, and she is the best person i can think of to do it with. we talked a bit about options for how to deal with my parents... perhaps asking to go to a session of family therapy along with my brother, but i dont know if we'd do that. its something to think about at least.

then we made popcorn and shared the leather armchair while watching brainless tv. :o) we talked about her family and boyfriend too... she's had to deal with a few of the same issues as me, but not to the same degree. mmmm my eyes are burning because i need to sleep. thats fun. so, yeah.

went to see bowling for columbine this afternoon with ben, nicole and devon. very interesting, very good. i think i'm going to tell my parents about it, i bet they'd like it if i can convince them to go. its basically a documentary by a guy named michael moore, about school shootings, gun control, and the nra. he tries to find out why america has so many deaths by shooting compared to other industrialized, 1st world countries, even those with as many or more guns per capita. its a movie that actually makes you think, a lot. and hate charlton heston without necesarilly making a judgement that all guns are bad. its more going towards a logical, middle road as far as gun control goes.

Friday, November 22, 2002

i'm at dan's house! they have glitter in their cottage cheese ceiling. why? perhaps we will never know

pretty soon, i'm going to be working on redesigning this blog somehow. count on changes sometime within the next week, hopefully!

Thursday, November 21, 2002

there isnt enough ass-tickling in this relationship

what the hell is this? its green... and... it looks like an oily, thin leaf. why is it stuck to the remote? ew, all slimy. oh, carolyn was eating salad in front of the tv again! silly girl, dont you know that you're supposed to lick the remote clean when you're done?

in other news, stephanie's little brother, nathan, is getting married to his girlfriend jen in june. sheesh, these people are college freshmen! steph's mom called me this afternoon... now she'll have two sons, a daughter, a daughter in law, a son in law, and two grandaughters... and shes only 44

passive agressive rambling

i know you weren't wondering, but i left and started banging pots and pans in the kitchen because you were kissing, three feet away from me in a completely silent room. i tried to keep checking my email, but i couldnt. so i did dishes. by the way, you're welcome. i washed your bowls and spoons from the pudding i made and gave you some, but you probably didnt notice that either. carolyn and i decided to stop washing yours and roomate 4's dishes, but i needed to get them out of the way. its hard to do dishes when you guys leave your cereal bowls in the sink all day. oh, number 4? you left rice all over the plates in the dishwasher. unfortunately, our dishwasher is old and stupid, remember? you have to wash the rice and cucumber off of your plates before you put them in.

...this accomplished nothing

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

oh yeah... the brand name on the bathroom stalls at the school was "Hiny Hider." thats kinda upsetting for some reason

i just taught a lesson about alliteration and personification to some 6th graders.... blech. 6th graders can be poopy. but then when i walked out onto the playground, a big group of girls i knew from working at teach elementary last year surrounded me and said hi... they asked me if i was going to be a teacher, and where i was going to teach, etc. (these were cool, non poopy 6th graders)

i went to the teachers lounge and said hi to the teachers i used to work with. mrs. v., whose classroom i worked in for six months, told the other teachers, "Sarah eats everything!!" and then made me take a doughnut out of one of those big pink boxes. i eat everything, huh... she wants me to do my student teaching with her, but i dont think i can. bummer...

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

lately, my roomate has been investing more and more of her time and energy into phone calls with her boyfriend. she does lots of homework and doesnt say much, but then keith calls and she gets all excited and laughs, tells stories, is loud... i feel like i dont hear anything about her life unless its secondhand, overheard from one of her 1-2 hour phone conversations. last night the phone call came as she walked in the door from class, and between that and the endless essays she has to write for psychology, i didnt end up really seeing her till it was time for bed

Monday, November 18, 2002

no way....

two level side street parking in tokyo. this is stuff i wanted to see when i was a kid.

go to this website, i like.

i have rock paper scissors skilllzz... maybe next year i can be the RPS champion of the world!

lately in slo, the weather has alternated between being ass-cold and damn hot, with a bit of friggin' windy for good measure

Sunday, November 17, 2002

dont you hate it when you float through the weekend, for some reason unaware of the looming pile of homework that happens to be due monday?

Friday, November 15, 2002

i have a silly tummy. it feels wierd. last night i felt kinda pukey while i was trying to fall asleep, and i havent felt much better since. go away evil stomach-ness!

if someone looked at what people are searching for when they come to my website, they would concurr that i am a dirty, dirty girl. here are some of the things people have been searching for and clicked on my site:

Sarah nudist
small manhood
naked cruises
nudist cruises

i'm innocent, i swear!

Thursday, November 14, 2002

i ate a can of mandarin oranges last night... and was slightly disturbed to find that there are two grams of protien in them. why is there protien in canned mandarin oranges?

i like my chocolate milk with so little chocolate in it, that it wouldnt be considered brown at all. a very very light tan... an off white

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

humpty dumpty sat on a wall
humpty dumpty had a great fall
all the kings horses and all the kings men
couldnt put humpty together again

my linguistics teacher revealed that i've been doing my term project wrong... along with all the other people in my class who were responsible and started it already. darnit! see what happens if you don't procrastinate?

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

you can take naked cruises! wow...

"Not everyone likes to bundle up on vacation. Some prefer to take it all off — on nudist cruises. Bare Necessities, a nudist travel company, charters ships from lines like Windstar and Carnival for trips where a toothbrush is about all that's needed.

The cruises offer the usual activities with a twist: nude sunbathing, scuba diving and tennis, said Nancy Tiemann, president of Bare Necessities. Clothing, however, is required at dinner for health code reasons.

Tiemann, who charters about four ships each year, said the cruises' popularity has sailed.

"We're selling out 2,000 passenger cruise ships months in advance," she said. "More and more people are realizing ... the preconceived notions [people] had were unfounded — that something kinky was going on, that this was a swingers thing. This is a wholesome and fun vacation with people who aren't uptight. You can really leave your clothes and your stress behind."

the internet makes you stupid

Sunday, November 10, 2002

this morning, carolyn thought there was a pagan festival going on outside... but it ended up being the national mens water polo championships

Saturday, November 09, 2002

carolyn, ben and i cooked for three hours last night. we made this awesome argentinian pumpkin stew... it had beef, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, peaches... mmm mmm. it turned out delicious. you bake it in the pumpkin, and it was all browned and harvest-y. made me feel better about the fact that summer is over.

Friday, November 08, 2002

at the elementary school today, i had to deal with a group of 4th and 5th grade girls who were crying because they didnt get any lunch. sissies. i didnt get any lunch yet either, but i didnt call my mom and go home early did i? The lunch lady actually heated up burritos for them (good jose ole ones) but they were so upset they wouldnt eat them. sheesh.

for unexplicable reasons, i became a haircutter for my friends two years ago... (personally, i wouldnt let myself near my hair with scissors) but tonight was exciting. #1- morgan actually called me and got an appointment to have a haircut. salons arent open at 11pm, but i am! and #2- for the first time ever, i'm going to get paid! now that is cool... a tip.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

my roomate got a spam-pornomail with this as the text.

Fat, Bald, Ugly, Insecure, Broke?
New Jedi mind tricks will get Swedish super models into your bed anyway!

there was a website too, but i dont think i'd want to look

i'm wearing this awesome shirt... it has big black and white stripes, like a jail outfit. it has a big hole under my left arm, and a hole on the right shoulder. i've been wearing this thing since elementary school... before that it was part of my mom's favorite outfit in the 70's. with it, she would wear a long sleeve shirt that is black with an abstract white design. even i dont think that they look good together, but she must have.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

well, that was special

today, as i left in my car from work, i thought... "boy i'm tired! it would be nice to take a nap when i get home... ooo... nap" and then, "its hot in here... i think i'll roll down my window." rolling down the window was easy... but rolling it up again cost me 120 bucks. yes, my window fell in. there was only a triangle of it coming out of the middle of the window frame.... and it was very special.

ps- i voted, and i bet you didnt. vote next year eh?

i found out tonight that my gramma has chronic pulmonary hypertension, most likely caused by fen-phen (that diet drug). pulmonary hypertension means high blood pressure in the lungs. chronic means fatal. what i'm reading says some patients can live as many as 15 years with it.. but this all depends on if their body reacts to certain drugs well. if not, they are put on a continuious catheter of something, put on oxygen, or something else drastic like that. heart/lung transplants are last resorts. i hope that somehow, the doctors are wrong about this. that my gramma will be okay... i lost two grandparents within a year of each other and i'm still not okay after that... my two great grammas are doing very poorly health wise and getting dementia, etc. i can't handle loosing another person i love now.

Monday, November 04, 2002

don't you hate how at the grocery store, one gallon of milk is $3.89 but its two for $4.26? the system is against us! it wants us to buy extra milk that will only curdle in the dark recesses of our fridges, instead of just saying that a gallon of milk is $2.13!!! we must join together and fight as one milkperson!!

Sunday, November 03, 2002

there is a billboard on the freeway right outside of town that says, in spanish, "Tequila and Clamato- make one!" my question would be... why??!!i can't imagine a more disgusting idea. clamato, i imagine, tastes really nasty. and not that i have much experience with tequila, but that be nasty too.

i talked to stephanie on the phone for 45 minutes today... i could hear one of her daughters crying in the background, but it sounded like a kitten mewing. so cute.... she needed her diaper changed, and then wanted lunch. the twins will be two weeks old tuesday. (so celebrate by voting, people!) their hospital bracelets fell off, so in order to tell who was who, steph painted hannah's toenails purple. oh my...

interesting news- reporters from a british tabloid infiltrated an eastern european group that was planning to kidnap posh spice. they told the police and stopped the kidnapping... sounds like the plot from a second spice girls movie :oP

Saturday, November 02, 2002

social mores- i knew i was right, guys.... just look!

bess, you is my woman now

my eyes are pink and bloodshot. i have double lines of wrinkles on the puffyness under them. tommorow morning, i will look worse. i hate crying.

but evidently, i should have brown eyes according to this

What Color Eyes Should You Have?

brought to you by Quizilla
i think my drivers license says brown too. wow, i really am a sneak. how'd they know?

Friday, November 01, 2002

Damian Kulash of OkGo

my roomate says i have strange tastes in men. she doesnt think mr rock star is cute. she says i only like him because of his hair.

Mathieu Kassovitz (Amelie)

carolyn says he has a big nose

Ben of the Mansion

but how could she resist this one?