Monday, June 30, 2003

hello, friends!

i can spell the word "friends," you know. been able to spell it for going on three years now. aren't you proud? i learned "their" this year... i need to find a new word to learn. anyone noticed a word i have problems with?

class went pretty good. we had to make three drawings last night- our hand, a corner of the room, and a self portrait. my skills are higher than average in the class; i'd say that there are about 3 or 4 people who are better than me. (they have that whole shading thing down) so, theres a lot of the stuff in this class where most of the students are learning, but those of us who are a little more advanced are getting a bit bored. tommorow we'll be working on some stuff that i haven't done, with shading and highlighting... so that will be cool!

they blast the air conditioning waaay too high in some of the buildings here. its like an oven outside, but you get to class and want a sweater and pants. i dont get it, cause they keep telling us to keep the air set to 78 degrees in our rooms. why not raise the thermostat in the ice cave that is my classroom? silly peopel. people.

theres a girl here with a hairy chest and back. and you know, thats cool if you go for the hair thing, but i personally wouldnt be wearing those low cut spagetti strap tank tops she's been pimping. (i do beleive that was the first use of the word "pimping" on my website.

i have what looks like a giant hickey on my shoulder... evidently i broke a bunch of blood vessels carrying my duffel bag. :oP for some reason i put heavy things like books into the duffel instead of my rolling suitcase. duhh sarah

okay, my plans for the rest of the night include drawing a pure contour drawing (that means no looking at the paper) of a plant, pre-drawing a foreshortened hand, and readying my "ground" for the hand drawing in class tommorow. (that means laying down a layer of graphite on the paper so we are drawing on a medium grey background.)

g'night. if you know me in real life, feel free to call me on my cell phone at any time. :o)

Sunday, June 29, 2003

my dad always calls fresno the armpit of california.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

oh my gosh, what am i doing..... its supposed to be 101 degrees tommorow in fresno. shit.

don't click here.

Friday, June 27, 2003

carolyn and i just went over and introduced ourselves to our new neighbors. they've been loud all night, had music going and people talking and a drunken yelling fight...

so we ladies just marched over and said in the cutest way possible that we needed them to be quiet, and that our bedroom is about 10 feet away from their living room. they quieted down right away, and encouraged us
1) to come over when it was too loud cause if they got in trouble with the cops the landlady would kick them out and
2) to come over to hang out and maybe have a low key party (they insist that tonight was a rarity)

poor guys. they want to come over and say hi tommorow and give us their number so we can call if they need to quiet down instead of "walking half a block." ()i could jump into the back of their truck from my balcony if i so desired() poor guys.syug roop i dont know why i typed that

good night

Thursday, June 26, 2003

now, i TRIED to post last night, but blogger was busy switching me over to the new version.

i'm in san luis until sunday, when i'll go to fresno for my class. (finally got a schedule/ syllabus in the mail... yay!) i spent today watching TLC (wedding, baby, adoption, and a surgery) and cleaning our nasty nasty carpet. i think i cleaned about 3 dozen or more little stains... its a strange feeling to spend the morning/ afternoon by yourself doing random cleaning. hm..

maybe i'll paint my toenails later

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

i'm back!!!! yay!

spending 10 1/2 hours driving today was fun. haha. 12 hours total from when we left eureka to dropping off the convertible at the rental place... my butt was tired of sitting! although, we did run out of the car at the "legend of bigfoot" chainsaw carving/ kitsch roadside thing, and i ran around taking pictures of myself with a big indian face and a giant gnome and a bigfoot and a picture of mom posing outside the pit toilet bathrooms with a carved indian. i promise you'll see either the best one or the worst one once i get my film developed. ;o)

i missed being in slo for ben's birthday. i'm no longer dating a teenager, guys!

and... the wedding was cool although stephanie and sang were rude to me last night... ditched me to go off to dinner by themselves even though i had come all the way up there, and havent seen steph in three months. :o( but hannah and ellie are crawling, and eating paper, and babbling. so cute! someone get me away from babies, or else i'm going to start wanting one. (dont worry though.... i wont. grr. i just want to steal one for a couple hours a week)

Saturday, June 21, 2003

in honor of the summer solstice:

The Summer I Was Sixteen by Geraldine Connolly

The turquoise pool rose up to meet us,
its slide a silver afterthought down which
we plunged, screaming, into a mirage of bubbles.
We did not exist beyond the gaze of a boy.

Shaking water off our limbs, we lifted
up from ladder rungs across the fern-cool
lip of rim. Afternoon. Oiled and sated,
we sunbathed, rose and paraded the concrete,

danced to the low beat of "Duke of Earl".
Past cherry colas, hot-dogs, Dreamsicles,
we came to the counter where bees staggered
into root beer cups and drowned. We gobbled

cotton candy torches, sweet as furtive kisses,
shared on benches beneath summer shadows.
Cherry. Elm. Sycamore. We spread our chenille
blankets across grass, pressed radios to our ears,

mouthing the old words, then loosened
thin bikini straps and rubbed baby oil with iodine
across sunburned shoulders, tossing a glance
through the chain link at an improbable world.

Friday, June 20, 2003

in about 6 hours, i'll be hopping in a red mustang convertible for a 12 hour drive up california!
(rented car, only 38$ a day, what a deal! thank you usaa military insurance)

going to eureka for the wedding,,, i am so happy to have a change! except i accidentaly forgot to go to the library today so i have no books to read. maybe we can stop somewhere at a bookstore. :oP

while i'm gone, BEN will be guest posting. (of course he doesnt know about it yet. but it is fine, right ben?) i may get some chance to post, but we'll see.

be back monday!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

senator hatch wants to blow up my computer.

from yahoo news
"He said damaging someone's computer 'may be the only way you can teach somebody about copyrights.' The senator... endorsed technology that would twice warn a computer user about illegal online behavior, 'then destroy their computer.'

'If we can find some way to do this without destroying their machines, we'd be interested in hearing about that,' Hatch said. 'If that's the only way, then I'm all for destroying their machines. If you have a few hundred thousand of those, I think people would realize the seriousness of their actions', he said.

'There's no excuse for anyone violating copyright laws,' Hatch said.
--- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- -
no sir, no excuse. those horrible, horrible anarchists with their music.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

stats: 3 A's, O+ (darn. boring!)

Monday, June 16, 2003

my mom and i spent 260 dollars on clothes today. it was supposed to be 325, but the lady in back of us gave us her 20% off coupon. now don't accuse me of being a terrible shopper- only 50 of it is mine. (a tan shell and a bright pink sweater set) mom got the same pink sweater set, plus two outfits for weddings she has to go to. one is an all day vietnamese wedding for which shes supposed to dress one way for the morning ceremony and then get all dressed up for the nighttime reception.

my mom has cool clothes, guys. and its all thanks to me and jonathan
my dad doesnt always have cool clothes, but we're working on it.

had a bit of a talk with mom and suprisingly it went well. she said she's trying to give ben more of a chance, and that dads working on it. so... yeah. we talked about other stuff than that for most of the time. (a lot about how i dont really have fun or friends here and all i do is sit and read etc)

and my eyes hurt
my head hurts from crying
i will look like a gargoyle tommorow
but it wouldnt be a real trip home if i didnt have a cryfest one of the first nights there

my mom figured i had pms but she is wrong, my friends.

they might get a double bed for my room this week. (my room has a guest room destiny) i dont fit in my stupid old twin bed with headboard and footboard! i can't stretch out at all, and it kept me awake a while last night. although i AM pretty darn sleepy right now. cancel that... i just feel dead, but with a headache. (i took meds for it, but no luck)

wish me sweet dreams,,,
ben, you were in my dream last night. i dreamed i was in a cal poly play and.... i forget. but you were there, and leif and david and they were mean to me. they didnt like my paintings, or my acting or my dancing or something like that, and they didnt want me to stay in the club thing we were at. the dream is confusing me, i need to go make new ones.
addendum: i remember the dream now. ben, you were my dance partner and we were dancing in roller skates and i did some interpretive modern dance sort of thing at a performance cause i couldnt really dance, and the crowd applauded but leif and david did not approve. and they were painters, and i think they were wearing funny scarves. goodnight.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

and i'm off!

last night rocked. big sky cafe, and then watching battle royale (psycho japanese movie) with old friends. :o)

ta ta, i'll be posting from irvine

Friday, June 13, 2003

i dont wanna go home!

blah. i love it here in san luis. freedom, and friends to hang out with. it really is sad, and i do complain about it a lot, but i have no friends when i go home. i mean, some of them are still around but they're busy, while others have vanished. (like amber, who i hear is married to someone somewhere)

here is my preliminary plan:
-i leave tommorow, around late afternoon
-i'll be in irvine till the 20th
-from the 20th- 22nd i'll be in eureka, ca for stephanie's brother nathan's wedding
-then i'll go back to irvine
-i hope to be back in san luis sometime between the 24th and 28th. (theres a concert- jealous sound in santa barbara on the 28th. anyone interested?)
-the 29th i start my two weeks at cal state fresno for summer arts
-after that things arent very certain, except that i WILL be back in san luis off and on all summer, and i should be in new york around late august/early september.

i should do these things while i am home:
-read lolita (or would my parents object?)
-work on my cross-stitch project that i've been doing for years
-put together a 1000 peice puzzle every night like spring break

Thursday, June 12, 2003

today was the last day at the elementary school. and it was sad, cause i had to be the bad guy and send a bunch of kids to the office! there was fighting and cussing and flipping people off!

plus i had to deal with a second grader who likes to hide under the large buckets that the kids bring the lunches out in. (not allowed) he started kicking kids and freaking out when they came near him. cheri and i had to take the bucket away twice. evidently the kid got in a fight earlier this week at his bus stop, and they had to call the police. duuude.

but still, it was cool. i was sad to say goodbye to some of my favorite kids, some of whom are leaving for the newness of junior high. others, like celine the cute first grader, will be there again in the fall when i go back.

i hope this boy is never in a class i teach.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

if you think clowns are sexxy, then you have a problem.

i finally got to the eye doctors, to check that my glasses were correct. and they are, but it seems that the best they can do for my right eye is 20/25. with both my eyes i'm 20/20, but that right one... if my prescription went up a little, it still wouldnt help. and evidently (i didnt know this) my up-close prescription is a whole lot more than the distance prescription which i have the glasses for. and my up close vision never bothers me. interesting, ain't it?

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

i have "good veins."

thats what the nurse at the blood donation place told me. it only took 6 minutes for them to get a pint of blood out of me, instead of the usual 10. oh yeah, i won.

plus i got a sticker, popcorn, orange juice, and a cool hot pink armband.

i gave ben a haircut tonight. so now my haircutting clients include ben, carolyn, sang, jamie, morgan, and jeff. haha. and myself sometimes, but not lately. i'm letting my haircutting lady trim my bangs friday, so i can see.

i shocked the world with my admission of smoking like 1/10th of a clove cigarrete two times while drunk. (more than a year and a half ago.) alas! more evidence that sarah is a bad, bad person.

Monday, June 09, 2003

7th heaven really sucks
i'm done with my essay. arent you proud?
i read something that said that soon grammar wont matter and no one will use apostrophes. hm.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

i haven't forgotten you, i swear. i'll give ya'll a post once i finish this stupid essay

Friday, June 06, 2003

last night i was watching a movie at ben's, and i got a call from jonathan at 1.20 am. he wanted to borrow the sandboard for a speech at 7 am. so i went home and got it for him...

now carolyn is mad at me for 1) waking her up and 2) taking her sandboard. i said i was sorry for making noise, and she commented, "well, if you were sorry you wouldn't do it." i tried to tell her that i got it for jonathan, who was really worried about his presentation and needed it for a visual, but she was just a jerk. plus, she'd covered my alarm clock with a blanket because the display is evidently too bright for her. its pointing towards me! i'm kinda getting tired of all this. i said to her, "well i guess you'd be happier if i just didn't come home." no response.

this morning after my alarm went off (its very quiet unlike hers) she said coldly from her bed, "i hope you didnt just push the snooze button cause i don't want to hear it again."

i hate this.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

embarrasing country songs i like:

toby keith & willie nelson- beer for my horses
george strait- all my exes live in texas
kenny chesney- she thinks my tractor's sexy
toby keith- you ain't much fun (since i quit drinking)
willie nelson & waylon jennings- mommas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

  1. Tattoo:: drum
  2. Sunburn :: red
  3. Jaguar:: tiffany
  4. Trousers:: pants
  5. University :: union
  6. Express:: way
  7. Suicide:: watch
  8. Slide:: rule
  9. Rain:: umbrella
  10. Bulletin board:: tack

i am done with classes now, and i only have two final papers to do. (one due friday, the other due the friday after that)


and i blew bubbles with the spatula thingie while doing dishes- it was fun.

i sorta got my wish. after i napped, i hauled my ass down to the education building, only to find that class was canceled.

and folks... get this: i have not skipped ONE class yet this quarter, and i only have one more to go to this quarter. this is a first. every quarter, i have missed at least one class. i'm incredibleus!

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

i'm damn tired. my eyes feel like they're bleeding. the leather couch is calling me
(and so is my scrapbook project for english class)

i wish i didnt have class at 5

ugh. i just sat around all night making up a 7th grade girl named Jessica Currie, talking about her interests, family, school, and academic problems. made up an interview with her teacher. made up the results of 8 assesments. made up lesson plans.

i'd feel like a big fat liar but thats what we were supposed to do. make up a boring 11 page LIE

Monday, June 02, 2003

i think i'm going to write a letter to the editor of the school newspaper. they ran an article about tanning beds that didn't talk about why you shouldn't do it!

Sunday, June 01, 2003

maybe i need a new template. or something... cause this one is sure not likeing to update lately!

drops of water like to roll down my jeans at breakneck speeds instead of soaking in. this is infinitely more interesting than the projects i'm working on

i ate something nutritious!, mc donalds.
doesn't that count?

right now i'm eating m&m's. for breakfast.

note: seeing as i am allergic to corn syrup, this is probably a bad idea.