Friday, January 31, 2003

because of the idiots in the education department who only schedule our required educ classes from 8-11 am MW or TR, i have a scheduling problem. in order to take my education methods class for 4-8 language arts, my required math class, and an adolecent lit class i have to have, i will have a course conflict. every monday from 2-3 pm, i will supposedly be in two different places at the same time. i need to talk to the president of the college, and maybe he will give me a magic potion so that this is possible, just like hermione got at hogwarts.

i talked with my advisor for an hour this afternoon. it was great. and, i think i have finally completely won her over, and she no longer hates me. there used to be this thing going on where i'd come by to ask her something, and she'd make wierd faces at me. but, we talked about a bunch of stuff... i gave her suggestions about some of the degree requirements and classes that need some changes made. she actually liked what i was saying, and told me that she would make a questionaire about some issues and send it out to the LS majors. evidently some of the things i was saying had been discussed that morning in a meeting, and she wants me to go down to the education office to mention my concerns about how they schedule classes.

next week i have to go talk to my future math and adolecent lit teachers. my advisor told me that my new math teacher will probably be very unhappy about the situation. but i have no choice! spring is my second to last quarter of normal classes...

i'm glad i wasnt born as mary kate or ashley olsen. that would have sucked.

my roomate is in the bathroom, talking on the phone with her boyfriend. either shes just sitting there talking so i dont hear (but i still can) or else shes sitting on the counter plucking her eyebrows. naw, i dont see the light coming from under the door. its just wierd. shes been in there 20 minutes

Thursday, January 30, 2003

my lunch today was too much dog and not enough hot.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

i tried to go to work today, but my co-worker (who has the key and has the list of things to do) didnt show up. arrg. happens way too often

i was going to do laundry, but i think i'm going to go work out at the gym instead. aren't y'all proud of me? i've been wanting to go since forever, but since i got back up here, i've been sick pretty much the whole time. but now, my cough is gone and i am ready to regain that muscle weight i lost since december. :o( i want to be back up to 130 pounds by valentines day. i think i can do that.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

i'm fine. the doctor finally called me, and basically, the person i talked to this morning made a big mistake. the liver results were abnormal because my liver is still dealing with the tail end of the mono i had a year and 2 mo ago. the heart murmur is a benign flow murmur, and i dont really know what that is, but its not anything to worry about.

HMOs suck.

all she'd tell me was, "you have some highs and lows." after a little prodding, she said, "it could be something with your liver." DAMMIT just tell me. its been two weeks of getting slowly more and more nervous. the doctor needs to call me before i puke, cause thats what i feel like doing right now. i'll bring breakfast with me so i can eat once i'm not feeling like this. and they dont have the electrocardiogram results in yet.

Monday, January 27, 2003

music videos in the morning are a good thing ...unless it's creed.

last night: tied my all-time bowling high score of 64.
today: "watched" the superbowl. (i ate lots of chips and read hundreds of pages on phonics and guided reading)
tommorow morning: two and a half hours with a kindergardener named Zephora. What a name for a little girl... tommorow and wednesday, i will be working with her to complete 9 assesments of her knowledge of letters, sounds, words, and reading. plus, we'll play some games and read some books. i dont know how we'll fit it all in...

Saturday, January 25, 2003

darn internet police.
i can't check my site statistics from this console in the university union because of "see domain." and i can't go to tonypierce's website because it contains the word masturbation. (I also couldnt publish this from the u.u. because it doesnt like blogger.) gonna have to talk to them peoples.

Friday, January 24, 2003

we just finished watching one of my christmas presents from ben- Gidget Goes Hawaiian! woo hoo! not as good as the original, but rather funny. especially since its a new girl playing gidget, and they refilmed bits of scenes with her in them instead, and its just ridiculous. :o) Now i've seen all three gidget movies... i dont know if i want to see the tv show with sally field. i heard it sucks

Thursday, January 23, 2003

no, your dog has to go next door to get a massage.

fros are sexxy

tony pierce has not only visited my website, but he has linked to me! my life now has meaning. i can dump ben and move to hollywood. i bet my parents couldn't dislike a mature man of 109. tony and i can move into a lovely apartment above a dirty video store on hollywood boulevard. (with stars on the sidewalk out front)

the squishy grey brain on the computer says, "College is for Thinking Not Drinking"

dear other ben:

i never had sexy pictures on my website. and stupid day was not just for me.

i got an email from a reader of my blog this evening. (my roomate says i have stalkers, but i just think i must be famous) i almost accidentally deleted it along with the stray porn mail that gets into my inbox...

thank you V., for telling me that you can no longer view my website from your mac. i'll have to check this situation out, and i am very sad if this means i have to change my template already. do any of you other peoples know how this problem could be fixed?

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

one day i will have the courage not to smile every time someone takes a picture

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

one more illustration, make the cover, print out the words, and i'm off to kinkos to get this party started! i just decided who i could dedicate the book to. hannah and ellie, my friend's twin girl-babies. that was easy, i should have thought of it before.

grr... i have an evil, evil cough. i'm sick for the second time in two weeks.

Monday, January 20, 2003

i've spent the last two days working on the illustrations for the childrens book i have to do for my educ. class. we send it all off, and they send you a real book, bound and printed and everything. my illustrations are surprisingly neat-o... i'm doing them with cut paper. (this means hours of sarah sitting there with an x-acto knife and construction paper.) its like south park, but not. much, much better than south park, my friends.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

the echocardiogram wasnt too bad. i got to watch the valves in my heart flap up and down, and also watch my heart rate slow down a bit when ben came and held my hand. sometime next week i'll find out what they think of mi corazon.

i'm off for the heart test in a few minutes... wish me luck guys

Friday, January 17, 2003

transcript of conversation from a few days ago, loosely remembered:

carolyn: "i want my orange juice with extra polyps!"
sarah: "polyps are the things in your intestines. you want pulp."
carolyn: "oh. polyps are full of feces. i was watching this thing about herbal stuff that cleans you out. john wayne... he's dead, right?"
sarah: "um... yeah."
carolyn: "i think its john wayne then, yeah. when he died, he donated his body to science, and they found 30 pounds of poo-poo (edited) in his intestines."
sarah: "30 pounds? that cant be true"
carolyn: "yeah it could be. he was probably fat."
sarah: "if you donated your body to science, wouldnt it be illegal to say your name and then how much poop you had inside you?"

Thursday, January 16, 2003

i like the color yellow. but... i must say, who ever decided to decorate the side of my apartment with yellow paintballs lacked artistic sense. nine paintball splatters on the building, and two on the trunk of the tree. grrrr

congratulations to the 1000th visitor to my website.... ME!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

i went in for a physical yesterday. see, when i saw the doctor last week, she decided she wanted me to come back. my nose is "extremely swollen" inside, so we'll have to do something about that, but it is no longer the priority. she thinks i may have a thyroid problem, or an immune problem, or anemia or something else non fun, and that may be why i'm sick so much. so i had to go to the hospital to get blood drawn for bunches of tests (3 vials). that is scary enough, but to add to the excitement, while she was listening to my heart she heard a heart murmur. so i have to go to the hospital's cardiology department saturday and get an echocardiogram. (its like an ultrasound of your heart.)

i was very glad to run into my friend laurel this morning on campus. she always gives me hugs

for all of you who think theres something wrong with me- ....there is!

Monday, January 13, 2003

we cooked the best dinner tonight! devon, nicole, dan, ben, matt, and brian were over, and we made cheddar chicken chowder. it was very good despite slight boo-boos that happened. now thats my kind of recipe....

i am so wiped... i had four straight hours of class, then two and a half of work. i'm in the middle of an hour and a half break, then i gotz two more hours of class! ay... at work today i cut up a giant thing of fabric into 1"x2" samples. fun stuff.
i got stared at by my friends in educ when i said that i was caught up on the reading. evidently not many people tried for that. if smoking is a slow form of suicide, then doing my homework this quarter is a little bit faster way to die

so what do ya'll think of the new look? i think its exciting.... there are still a few bugs to work out, but i am pretty darn happy. you can all thank ben for doing this for me. :oP

and... i just spent an hour writing two sentences in four different styles of perfect teacher penmanship. (yeah right are they perfect.) my class suxors.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

ben and i walked downtown this afternoon... got food at starbucks with my gift card, where they wouldn't give me the 20 cents change from my 9.80 purchase. bastages! then we went to barnes and noble, where i bought Stephanie's Ponytail, Thomas' Snowsuit, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, and Flat Stanley. used 24.12 or something out of a 25 dollar gift card, and at least THEY gave me change.

the other thing that bothers me about starbucks is the whole tall/ grande/ venti thing. why not say small, medium, and large? i guess they just want to pretend that their teeny tiny coffee is "tall." i like to mess with them by using real words when ordering my coffee.

Saturday, January 11, 2003

i'm not trying to neglect you! i swear! its just that i am such a nerd, and my classes are so hard this quarter. they like to make me read hundreds and hundreds of pages. unlike previous quarters, i am actually doing all the reading. (because i am a nerd.)

so yeah, these are the classes i'm in:
teaching reading and language arts k-3rd (grad level)
witch hunt in europe, 1400-1800
math for elementary school teachers 2 (out of 3)
humanities in world cultures: latin america

interesting tidbit from witchcraze by anne llewellyn barstow- the families of accused witches were forced to pay prison costs, and even the execution costs if the person was convicted. that is disturbing. "well, we burned your wife at the stake, eldon. one hundred noodle-dougats please."

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

visitors, i know what you want.

it has been revealed to me. you want nudity. but i must tell you, nudity is not a big part of my blog, contrary to what the search engines may tell you. but, in order to provide a service to my visitors, i will breifly discuss some of the topics that seem to be at the forefront of your minds.

out of the last 100 pageviews, two of you were looking for naked bowling, two for naked scuba diving, and two for naked cruises. (there was also mr. "nudist nude naked" but thats kinda overkill.) in my quest to provide the naked sports and travel information that so many of you are craving, here is a short report.

naked bowling

supposedly in terminator 3, "the T-1G" arrives naked in a bowling alley. unfortunatley, the movie script does not seem to depict her bowling. instead shes trying to find that poor kid. so that really doesnt tell us anything about the sport of naked bowling. perhaps it is always like this. you accidently appear in the bowling alley, naked. you dont know what to do. so you rent some bowling shoes and try to keep a low profile.

"but sarah!" you say, "if i wear bowling shoes, i won't be completely naked." well, my friend, it is a necesary evil. i found this in the FAQ of a bowling establishment: "Bowling shoes must be worn at all times while bowling. There are no exceptions to this rule. Failure to wear bowling shoes is grounds for immediate removal from the bowling alley." there is no mention of immediate removal on the grounds of nudity.

naked scuba diving

cold water and being naked doesnt really sound fun to me. i would like to have a wetsuit on. and maybe like... some fins and goggles and an air tank. you cant really scuba dive well in the nude. i mean, my dad was swimming in hawaaii and he stepped on a ... something. sea urchin i think. and it really really hurt. i have memories of seeing people who had been stung by sting rays crying at the beach. and i got stung by a jellyfish once. somehow, exposing MORE of your body to the nasty animals of the ocean sounds like a bad idea.

naked cruises

one word. SUNBURN. besides, who goes to nude beaches? dirty old men, folks. not beautiful college girls. theres a nude beach in the area, and the people who go there are usually old, fat, and european. i imagine a nude cruise would be the same way, except there is no escape. what if you like... wore clothes one day? everyone would make fun of you. hundreds of naked old men pointing at your silly clothes and laughing.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003


Monday, January 06, 2003

the first day of classes is over. and i'm sick already!! the good thing is that i got a doctor in slo last week, so i'm going in tommorow. (but not in slo, cause i'd have to wait 6-8 weeks. i have to drive to another town to see the damn doctor.) we're going to talk about #1- whatever sickness is going on right now #2- my allergy problems. i want a scratch test and allergy meds, as i have not had either of these things since starting kindergarten, and my allergys have been going haywire ever since i came to this allergen-rich county. #3- a refferal to a dermatologist to remove 4-6 suspicious/ annoying moles. this is very important as it was supposed to be done a year ago. i dont like stiches and i dont want any more scars, but skin cancer isnt very attractive either. this is something that i've had to pay attention to since 1st grade when i had a little pre cancerous spot on my neck. #4- refferal to an optometrest, to check my eyes. who knows, maybe i'll actually get glasses. :oP

maybe i'll post my skin-cancer fairy PSA sometime for all you tanners out there

Sunday, January 05, 2003

i'm posting right now from my bed! we hooked up my new cordless mouse and keyboard last night, and its working quite nicely. i turned my screen resolution to the biggest option, though, and its kinda tough to read my monitor which is 4-5 feet away. maybe this will finally induce me to check out the possibility of getting glasses.

i was actually prescribed bifocals at the age of 6. they had mickey mouse in the corners. but, i was saved from my mousey fate when it was realized that something about them was wrong. i got a new optometrist, who said i didnt need glasses. 14 years later, i have an optometrist who says i can have glasses if i want them, and i dont really. but i do have problems seeing street signs and blackboards sometimes. blah... i just dont want them if i dont absolutely neeed them.

Saturday, January 04, 2003

we made de pizza tonight, and it was quite yummy. the pepperoni came in two mini packages inside the big package so you could use half. :o) yay for extra plastic in our landfills, and securely sealed meats in our fridges

i'm in san luis!! very very happy. and my mom sent me here with three big bags o' food, like always. i think she thinks i dont know how to go to the grocery store and feeeed myself.

note to self- pick up joe at airport on sunday
(if you want to come help me pick up the joe, llamame pronto

Thursday, January 02, 2003

my new years resolution is to try out three new cheeses. maybe gouda, bleu cheese... who knows! i will be adventurous

tommorow will be fun. i get to go to the dentists for a filling. it will be 7.30 am. i will have dirty hair.

i have done 4 puzzles in 3 days... someone stop me!