Saturday, November 22, 2008

You'd think that my string of bad luck would come to an end, but no. It looks like it could be years until we have a house, my school year is tougher than one would hope, and even my knitting is sucking.

With just over 1 month till Christmas, here's how it's going. (Comments in italics)

-11+ Tiny mitten ornaments for a swap
2.5 pairs done for the swap, 4.5 pairs finished total
-Fingerless gloves for my father in law
Still done. YES!
-Socks for my mom
About 1/3 of a sock to go. No sweat.
-Scarf for my dad
Swatched three patterns, everything looked awful.
-Lace shawl for my mother in law
Spent $36 on yarn that is more variegated than I thought it would be. The shawl looks terrible and I am hoping I can re-dye the finished lace, but I really don't know. This makes me sad.
-Optional second gift for sister in law and her fiance
Well, if my dad's and MIL's presents go in the trash can, maybe I'll have time for this one after all.

Oh yes, one bright spot- I saw gas for $1.99 a gallon today! Yay recession!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things are still kind of icky over here. But I'm distracting myself with knitting! Yay!

I've set myself a rather difficult set of goals for my Christmas knitting. I want to make.....

-11+ Tiny mitten ornaments for a swap
-Fingerless gloves for my father in law (finished tonight)
-Socks for my mom (1 finished, second one started tonight)
-Scarf for my dad
-Lace shawl for my mother in law
-Optional second gift for sister in law and her fiance (Ha. LIKE that one will happen!)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I've had the same Hotmail email account since my sophmore year of high school. I was 14. I'm now 26 and on like the 5th stupid redesign of the website, which EVERY TIME IT HAPPENS pisses me off. This one is the worst yet.

It looks like I'm in fluffy marshmallow snow land and I want it to stoooop. But... it won't.

The one saving grace is that it works on Safari again. I had to use two browsers for like the last year and a half, which I would frankly rather do than look at their new "user experience."

By the way? I am convinced that the election results are going to make me unhappy (federal, state, and local!!), I will never get a house, and I will continue to have a string of bad days until June. I am up way too late and I have to get up in the morning to stand on a street corner to wave signs at cars. Nur.