Saturday, March 22, 2008

New hairdo! I lost an inch or two off the longer part, but I guess that is okay cause I had some sort of weird thing going on where the hair in front was 6 inches longer than the hair in back. Now it isn't quite so.... strange. I should put my senior photo up on here somehow, from back when my hair went to my waist.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Doesn't this always happen?

Every time I grow my hair out to some certain milestone, it is time for another trim!

Example: tonight I needed to put my hair up. Uh oh! No rubber bands within 2 feet and I am damn lazy. So.... I tried something I haven't attempted for a long time- putting my hair up into a bun with a stick of some sort. This is a slightly tricky skill I picked up in high school. With pens. You kind of twist your hair up and catch the ends up under the stick. Anyways, I successfully made my hair into a bun with a crochet hook. Superawesome, eh?

Of course, I'm getting a trim in a day. Then I won't be able to do this for at least another month... But my hair does get longer, bit by tiny bit.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

36 years is nothing.

Pablo Neruda's poetry is just ...amazing. Especially in Spanish, of course.

Soneto 17
La Muerta

These are some good ones... check them out somewhere on de internet. I am too lazy to search for websites with side by side original spanish and (good) translations. Okay, I lie. Here is a website that partially fits the bill.

Which brings me to my original reason for posting: I am afraid that I'm in love with Alan Rickman. It doesn't matter that he was born in 1946, and I in 1982. Or that he has been dating his girlfriend since 1965, and I got married in 2007. We will make it work.

Carolyn is coming up this weekend. If I can convince her that Alan Rickman is attractive, we shall have an encore of our "Which movie is Ewan McGregor sexier in?" contest. (I vote for Trainspotting.) Lets see. Truly, Madly, Deeply and Sense and Sensibility both have Mr. Rickman. And he is only 44 and 49, respectively, in them. That sounds much better than his current age of (ahem) 62.

p.s.- Snape can dance!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I currently don't have the energy to do my other New York post yet, but here's a quickie.

Last night, while talking on the cell phone with my parents, I conducted a full scale search of the couch and floor for my cell phone. Because I wanted to use the calculator function. Of course, when I verbally expressed that I couldn't find my cell phone I was promptly ridiculed.