Tuesday, December 31, 2002

tonight i put together a 1000 peice puzzle in four and a half hours with my friend tiffany. (and a little help from mom) thats fast. usually i take about a week.

Monday, December 30, 2002

Q. why am i not in bed?
A. i do not know

another thing. i learned from a friend what exactly happens when you get a breast reduction. they make you a new nipple out of a piece of skin from the inside of your nose, and then tattoo the area around it pink. wiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrd.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

i gave two haircuts tonight. went over to stephanie's, and another friend from high school was there. somehow i ended up trimming her hair. then, when sang got home, i fixed the haircut stephanie had given him the day before. he looked like he had a girl's just above shoulder-length haircut in the back, but now he looks much nicer.

i'm getting surprisingly good at burping babies

Saturday, December 28, 2002

i should be happy right now. my brother installed two new speakers in my car, my parents surprised me by finally framing a cross-stitch sampler i did in like 9th grade, and i spent about 4 hours playing with antique buttons.

but i'm not.

my parents had another long talk with me about how they dont want me dating ben. it hurts me so much when they do this, and nothing is ever solved by it anyways. at least i finally told my mom i've been depressed for a while. i dont want to talk to my dad about it though. its stupid, because they acknowledge that we arent communicating and they arent getting me to change my mind about things, yet they dont realize that the way they are dealing with their 20 year old daughter does not work.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

why are women's undergarments so expensive?

i spent eighty bucks today, and consider it a good deal. the price of an item should be directly proportional to the amount of fabric. a pair of plain cotton underwear at victoria's secret is priced at $8.50. of course, its also 5 for $19.50, so why not be truthful and just put $3.90 on the price tag? even that is way too much.... (and i know boxers are expensive too)

Z0nk5: bras don't come any cheaper?
Gidget1300: cheapest you see is like 20
Z0nk5: dang
Z0nk5: i should go into business
Gidget1300: victorias secret, they're like 25-40 bucks
Gidget1300: thats for normal bras. then they have the 'decorative' underwear, which is another story
Z0nk5: decorative hehe

i hate when you're watching a movie with your parents, and people start talking about sex onscreen. or worse, someone is k-i-s-s-i-n-g and semi naked. oh my!

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

its depressing to go from 12 people around the table on christmas eve and 22 on christmas day to 4 and 9, respectively.

what did sarah get for christmas?

2 car speakers to replace the ass-sounding ones in the back of my car. (those of you who regularly ride around in rosie's back seat, rejoice)
scissors with decorative edges
gloves to replace the ones i lost
a placemat with the presidents of the united states on it
three knives that i wont need for a few years
a parmesan cheese grater i wont need for a few years
the moon and antarctica by modest mouse. it has the two songs by them that i like, but i dont know about the rest.

Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica (2000)
Wild Pack of Family Dogs

a wild pack of family dogs came runnin through the yard one day
my father got his gun, shot it up they ran away ok
a wild pack of family dogs came runnin through the yard
and as my own dog ran away with them i didnt say much of anything at all
a wild pack of family dogs came runnin through the yard
as my little sister played the dogs took her away
and i guess she was eaten up ok yeah
my mothers cryin' blood dust now
my daddy quit his job today
i guess he was fired but thats ok
and im sitting outside by my mud lake
waiting for the pack to take me away
right after i die, the dogs start running up towards the glowing sky
they will receive their rewards

Monday, December 23, 2002

i got a toy in my cereal this morning
a purple treasure planet spoon
it has been too long since i found plastic in my cereal box.

mom and i are going to the fabric store in a little bit. see... april of my freshman year, my then-boyfriend lent me a quilt. that summer, my parents decided that the boyfriend and the quilt needed to go. mom said she'd make me my own quilt, and i said that i'd give the other quilt back when i got the new one. of course, a year and a half later, i still have steve's quilt. mine is finally nearing some stage of completion, but i'm starting to get nervous about returning the other. i'll probably end up leaving it in my ex's room without any explanation, cause i think it would just be too weird otherwise. :oP

Sunday, December 22, 2002

san diego was fun. we spent a couple hours there, hanging out. :o) i would have liked to spend some time with just ben, but circumstances didn't let that happen. i DID get shown incriminating baby pictures by ben's mom. (fortunately for ben, they did not include the often discussed embarrasing "pants-less" photograph that every family seems to have of their poor children.)

my family seems to have resigned themselves to the fact that i am getting up at 1pm every day, and am not cleaning my room. the fact that my mother has taken to making my bed and straightening up my messy piles leads me to believe that i am not 20, but 10. its all a lie.

Friday, December 20, 2002

tommorow, i'm finally going to san diego. really.

also, this week i've been working on this cross stitch thing. i started it in march of 1998, and it is less than halfway done. this is most likely because i really only work on it during christmas breaks. i have decided that i need to finish it before i graduate from college. after all, i did start it my sophomore year of high school. i am determined, folks.

last night i had some weird apocolyptic alien dream. the only way to save everyone was that the aliens heard five iron frenzy play. if they did, they would explode. everyone was camped out in a desert to escape from the aliens, and i was looking for the parents of people i knew, because somehow this would help. i found a stage in a campground on the edge of the desert. there was a sign that said five iron frenzy had played there. then the action cut to ben's room at the mansion. his roomate had rearranged all the furniture, and the room and house were completely different. i think i was looking for ben, because i hadnt seen him out at the desert. just when the crazy five iron frenzy, searching for people, exploding aliens stuff was getting exciting, i woke up. the day went downhill from there

haha, just kidding. i went to the MALL

i went into this shop, randomly. the bright light coming from the walls and floor gave me an insta-headache. i wanted to find out what i was dealing with, so i walked over to a clothes rack and found that the blue pants cost 550 dollars. i walked back out and watched a japanese tourist taking extensive video footage of the meet-santa installation. i wander when i go christmas shopping. i get confused and overstimulated, and it takes me forever and a half to find something. most of it is aimless, pointless, and brainless. like walking into the glowing store, or making three trips across the mall because i didnt really have a plan. i stood there in front of a directory sign for 10 minutes, reading the names of every store and listening to a couple talking in spanish about diamonds. but, my christmas shopping is over, and i am happy. and poorer.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

i somehow got an A- in linguistics. YAY!! evil, evil class

why isnt my darn linguistics grade up yet? all grades were supposed to be posted today, yet the only one i wondered about isnt there

and this little gnat has flown up my nose twice in the last 15 minutes. wierd.

ended up going to stephanies again. it was probably a good thing, too... her mom was down from nor cal for a week and left this afternoon. that got steph sad, since she wont see her mom again till summer. steph's husband went out with his brother after he got off of work, and that didnt make steph feel much better. the babies cried all evening, spit up all over me and the couch (ever heard of projectile vomiting?) i still have a headache. even with both of us there, we could barely cook dinner while keeping the chillins happy. at one point we just let them scream until they fell asleep.

but, there were good points to the day. the apartment is finally clean, i got to feed the girls with bottles, and sang's parents are giving them a minivan for christmas! its a two year old, red minivan. it will be sooo much easier for them to get both car seats in, and they couldnt even put the stroller into the other cars. so yay! i think her in-laws have too much money to spend.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

i dont know what to do today. i could go to san diego to see ben, but that involves 3 hours of driving and the possibile dissaproval of the 'rents. my other options are to sit around and do nothing, or to go to fullerton to be with steph and the twins. (and that is a bit more than an hour of driving.) what to do, what to do?

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

note to self: dont go around all day thinking its wednesday and getting worried. check your watch. its tuesday and everything will be fine.

if you go to the grocery store and buy spermicide, lubricant, carrots and pepsi, the checkers actually dont even give you a second look. (and no, none of this was for me) i spent 7 hours with my best friend and her 2 mo old daughters today. changed diapers, got spit up on, cleaned.. it was great. she wants me to come back tomorrow, but i dont know if i can. :oP

to lace- oh! okay. i have a great memory for faces and sometimes names, but i am SO TERRIBLE at remembering where i know people from. last week i thought that the reason i knew this guy was because i went to high school with him, but actually he's one of my friend's roomates. i know too many people for my feeble brain to handle. i have regressed to just smiling and waving weakly at the people who say "hi sarah!" to me on campus, because i can't remember why i know them. i guess i'm just too popular for my own good. (jk)

uh oh. what does this mean?

i had a feeling this was coming

An open letter to all supporters of Five Iron Frenzy from the band.

Way back in 1996, just after our first album came out, we began to hear rumors that our band was breaking up. For six years we’ve insisted these rumors were untrue. We have always said that when we do decide to move on that we would make a very formal announcement about it and post it on our official web site to avoid such rumors from proliferating.

Here is that announcement:

By the end of 2003, Five Iron Frenzy will cease to exist as a working band. This means that after 2003 FIF will not be recording more songs or playing any more

This was not an easy decision to come to, and we wish to thank you all for your incredible support since our inception in 1995. You have truly made this an amazing experience which all of us will remember fondly for the rest of our lives.

We did not come to this decision haphazardly. Every year we sit down with our pastor to pray about what the Lord would like us to do for the next year. We have done this since the beginning of the band and have always said that we would do what ever we think God wants us to do, even if that means stopping the band. After meeting with our pastor this year and spending several days in prayer and meetings, we have decided that it is time for us to move on.

Quite simply, the reason FIF will no longer be a band after 2003 is because, after much prayer, we feel like the Lord has called us on to other things. What those other things are will be as diverse as the 8 people who make up the band, but the point is that we all agree that this is what the Lord has told us.

The end of 2003 is still quite a ways off, and we have a busy and exciting year planned. Here is a list of things you can expect from Five Iron Frenzy in 2003:

*Our main goal in 2003 is simply to say “thank you very much” and give a proper good bye to you for supporting us for the past 8 years. Without you this would have all ended very long ago. We genuinely appreciate your support, and can’t say thanks enough for it.

*On April 22 we will release our B-sides and “funny song” album, which is tentatively titled “Cheeses of Nazareth.” We have been working on it for the past few weeks, and we think you will enjoy it. It will have some of our B-sides and some previously “lost” FIF songs that are really old, along with a lot of goofy songs that we are kind of making up as we go along (ala: “The Godzilla Song,” or “Kitty-Doggie”). This CD will be in stores on 5 Minute Walk Records.

*In early summer we will release a full length CD which will be our final studio recording. This album will only be available at live shows, starting (hopefully) in Mid-June. This is an album that we have big plans for (both the music and the packaging), and is one you are definitely gonna want to buy at our shows. Sometime in 2004 this album will be released in stores, but until then will ONLY be available at live shows.

* We will be hitting many major music festivals in the summer,including: Agape Fest (Greenville, IL), Cornerstone Orlando (Orlando, FL), Alive Fest (near Canton, OH), Inside Out Soul Fest (New Hampshire), Kingdom Bound (Buffalo, NY), Cornerstone SC (some where in SC), Purple Door (PA), and Lifest (Oshkosh, WI). For many of these fests, this will be the last time we EVER play in a 100 mile radius of the fest location, so you’ll want to check it out. (Also, there will be more fests added as the summer approaches).

*In addition to the above mentioned fests, we will also be performing at the original Cornerstone Festival in Bushnel, IL on July 4. We will be headlining the main stage on that night and helping C-stone to celebrate that fests 20th birthday.

* Starting in Mid-Sept and going through Mid-November will be our farewell tour. (Farewell as in this will be the LAST time you ever get to see us live). This will be a big one and will hit a ton of places. The tour is tentatively called “Winners Never Quit: The Farewell Tour,” and will be coming to a city near you (assuming you live in the continental United States.) Support acts will not be announced at this time, but it will be a good show, we promise. You will also be able to buy our final full length studio CD at these shows.

(If you are interested in booking this tour, please send an email to Booking@5minutewalk.com, particularly if you have connections to a college activities board that would be interested in this show.)

* The “Winners Never Quit” tour will culminate with a big show in Denver, CO in Mid-Nov, which will be the last FIF show.

*As previously mentioned, sometime in 2004, the last FIF studio CD will be released in stores.

No one ever knows the future, but if the Lord wills, these are our plans for 2003. We know that the Lord blessed this band beyond our expectations. God used FIF as a vehicle to change many peoples lives (ours included). The important thing to remember right now is that our main goal has always been focused on something bigger than a band, something bigger than music. We have always tried to point to something that is eternal and unchanging. Bands come and go, and now it is FIF’s time to go. But our message has always been that God is an unchanging constant, and that through Christ one can receive peace, love, hope and faith. This is all we have ever wanted to leave people with, and we pray that God would continue to reveal Himself to us all.

Again, we can’t stress enough how appreciative we are of you for your support of us over the years. We hope that you will come and see us on our farewell tour so
that we can say good bye.

God bless. Thanks for reading.


Dennis Culp, Nathanael Dunham, Keith Hoerig, Sonnie Johnston, Leanor Ortega, Micah Ortega, Reese Roper, Andrew Verdecchio.

(AKA: Five Iron Frenzy)

five iron frenzy website

Monday, December 16, 2002

the web of weirdness gets weirder

its kinda unsettling when you discover personal connections with who you think are just random bloggers. it all started with this guy, who i had philosophy with over the summer. he found me online, and proceeded to make a list of slo bloggers. through his list and other channels, i found all these people: i had gender literature with byron over the summer. i am jealous of his blog layout. we both are green, but he is infinitly cooler. lyle is a friend of a friend, and used to work at victoria's secret. mette and i always ran into each other on campus freshman year, and we still say hi as we pass, although i really dont know her. i know one of the posters on this blog, lace, because i sat next to her in spanish composition ummmm... last year sometime. looking at some other blogs, i noticed that some of them talked about people that i see around campus. one guy mentioned the girl who wears cat ears everyday, and another guy mentioned someone he calls "gay midget," which isnt very nice. (but i know who he means.) one quarter we passed in the hall every day between classes. it was kinda strange, as i am an abnormally tall girl. i feel bad for short guys sometimes. maybe we should trade?

Sunday, December 15, 2002

i'm home!

in other news, my parents told my brother and i a big family secret last night. evidently my great grandma was pregnant with my gramma when she eloped at the age of 15. ooooo, the scandal. she didn't tell my gramma untill last year, and my gramma is 72 years old. its kinda odd to think of my little great grandma Freda as bad girl. :oP

its sad that she felt that she couldnt tell my grandma about it until so recently. i love my great grandma though. she rocks. and makes good pies.

Friday, December 13, 2002

the extreme amount of studying i did for linguistics paid off. i think i may have gotten an A on the final, or at least a B. she must have realized half the class was failing, because it was a little easier than the midterm. i did five hours of studying this morning alone, plus i drove up cuesta grade in the rain. EEHHHAHH but i survived that too. final took me the whole three hours. getting out of finals on 4pm on friday is kinda wierd. and then i had to fetch my brother something he forgot in the dorm room. walking home, alone, in the dark... not cool. but i got to look at people's christmas lights, and i narrowly missed walking into a pole. so overall, things are lookin good

Thursday, December 12, 2002

9.45 am- getting my bangs trimmed in atascadero
11.00 am- meet classmate to study for final
1.00 pm- the DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS linguistics final of doomzz
4.00 pm- work out
6.00 pm- star trek nemesis

i cant decide if i like finals week or not. cause, like...... you have more free time. but its stressful too. arg. and next quarters finals week, ben and i will have our one year anniversiary in the middle of. that shall be slightly strange.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

i'm dead tired.
--had a math final, and forgot that we had homework due too. (who gives homework due the day of the final? and it wasnt even something out of the book)
--went to the library and worked like mad for two hours to finish my term paper
--fruitlessly christmas shopped for 2 hours. still dont have anything for mom or stephanie
i just need a nap

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

ben got his wonderful suprise present today! early christmas for all... i found him a dresser and a bookshelf, and threw in a couple dozen hangers to go with it. the dresser was from me, and our wonderful amigos matt, brian, joe, and devon chipped in for the bookcase. there was other gift giving- i got "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein from joe :o) its getting to be a happy christmas

someone from nasa looked at my blog today. aren't you supposed to be ...i dunno... making spaceships or something?

i have to write my darn term paper today, no more procrastination. 4 and a half more pages, at least. i can do it. every time i finish a page, i will reward myself with half an hour of free time. first on the list of exciting free time activities will be a shower, because i am stinky. next, will be a trip to the kitchen for snack. after that, i will be wrapping christmas presents. soooooooooo, i'd better start writing, otherwise i will be dirty, hungry, and have unwrapped christmas presents forever.

the great search is ended, sucess is mine

Your pirate name is: Mad Mary Flint

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

go find yours, cause everyone likes pirates

Monday, December 09, 2002

someone used some of my chocolate syrup. i know this because i licked the lid clean last time i used it, and it had chocolate syrup all over it when i got it out of the fridge today. haha, too bad for whichever roomate is a blasted syrup thief!

Sunday, December 08, 2002

i've been doing a bit of christmas shopping... and unfortunatley there is one certain item that is proving impossible to find. i went to 4 stores and called two more, and still no go. poop. but i did get some really cute baby clothes and nice annoying noisemaking toys too. actually, they're not so bad. they play classical music, and i know that the babies' daddy will like that. (he's a music major, and wants to teach music and conduct) so, there is a little piano, and a little trumpet. (awwww) go wal mart! and go outlet stores!

now, i need dinner. ben is in charge tonight, and it will be yummy. after that, we're off to see the new disney cartoon, treasure planet, with some friends. so, i will tell ya'll how that is. ;o)

Friday, December 06, 2002

my car broke today. it wouldnt start, but we fixed it!!!! we put gas in.

carolyn and i just watched "nurse betty"... i had NO idea what that movie was about from the previews. this chica sees her husband murdered and goes into post-traumatic stress in which she is delusional and thinks that a character on a soap opera is in love with her. meanwhile, two more crazy dudes (one is psychopathic and the other is...... oh darn i forgot) are trying to get her too. well, one is. the other is in love with her.

its fun to listen to your psych major roomate analyze some seriously wacked-out characters

plus, the guy who played michael j. fox's whiny wimp father on back to the future is in it. :o) he isnt in many movies

Thursday, December 05, 2002

teaching the kiddies went well this morning... as a warm up, i had them play a game called toad tag. if you get tagged, theres a spell on you, and you have to hop around like a frog until someone who isnt it tags you and you can be normal. one little girl asked me something i wasnt quite ready for. "so.... if the taggers turn people into frogs... uh... are they witches?" i quickly responded, "no, they're just taggers" and thankfully no one said anything more.

life is good. i only need to get a 68.4% on my final to keep an A in my math class, so thats one i really dont need to study for! so all i have to worry about is linguistics. paper for wed, and final on fri.. this quarter kicked my butt, but the end of it isnt bad at all!

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

i want my life to be a movie. i will be the director, and i will write the script too. we will be witty all the time, i will have pyjamas that match, and no one will fart. but most of all, we can skip the parts that seem in between and sad. no more days where i never leave my apartment because i already feel like the day is over. no more unsureness about anything. just those afternoons outside in the springtime, the mornings when we smile, and everyone smiles.


adj 1: gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease [syn: lissome, lissom, lithe, lithesome, slender, svelte, sylphlike] 2: (used of e.g. personality traits) readily adaptable; "a supple mind"; "a limber imagination" [syn: limber] 3: (used of persons' bodies) capable of moving or bending freely [syn: limber]

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

i'm making lime jello with mandarin oranges in it for class tomorrow. we're having a final exam/party! education classes are awesome... and after education and linguistics tommorow, i have a limited amount of stuff to do for the rest of the quarter. here are my obligations:

Thursday- teach p.e. to three classes of 2nd graders
Friday- talk to prof. about p.e. teaching, turn in notebook for kinesiology class, work at elementary school, work at textiles lab
Wednesday- math final, turn in linguistics term paper (uuuuuuuuh-oh)
Friday- linguistics final

and for some strange reason we might go to.... montana.... during christmas break. i'm kinda confused about that. for the last two phone calls, my parents have been saying in that mmmmm-broccoli-open-the-hanger-and-here-comes-a-plane voice "you know, we need to have a talk about christmas vacation. we're thinking of going to montana! how's that sound!" the confusing thing is that we dont really know anyone in montana. well, my dad's buisness partner has some sort of log cabin house there... but the thought of being in a big flat empty state with my family, and no one around for miles. in the winter. with snow... it makes me think about The Shining.

my brain longs for the sweet nothingness of sleep. everyone should come over, and we'll have a nap orgy

Monday, December 02, 2002


i was driving to the nearest atm to deposit rent checks from my roomies, and i realized what we need. we need more drive through atms! no need to get out of the damn car, you just open your window. (of course this wouldnt work if you have window problems like i did for 2 1/2 years) and best of all, you put the deposit or whatever into this capsule thing, stick it in the machine, and it wizzes up through the clear tube into the bank. you can watch it! that was the highlight of my life when i was a child. and the lady in the bank would always wave at us from the second story, and she'd put two lollipops in the canister and send it back down for me and my brother. how cool is that?

one thing we don't need more of is christmas music on the radio. as i was driving, i kept having to turn the channel cause all of the stations were playing like... one normal song and then one christmas song. i thought to myself... why don't they just make one station be the designated christmas music station, and then the rest can play country or pop or boogie-woogle-bugle music like they always do! but then i turned the station again and discovered that someone else had taken my plan and perverted it. (dum dum duuuuhhhhhh) coast 101.3 is playing nothing but christmas musicfor the next 23 days, and evidently they didnt tell the other stations that they have it taken care of. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

why is it that turkey sandwich meat and turkey taste nothing the same?