Thursday, October 31, 2002

only this afternoon i made the connection between spam- the mystery meat, and spam- the junk email. duuuh

i just took the best nap... i went up to the 5th floor of the library, curled up on the floor under a study desk next to a set of old dairy industry journals entitiled (not kidding) Bull-O-Gram, and slept for two hours. niiiice. the only problem was that i was a little cold. maybe i'll bring a blanket next time. :oP

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

yes! my blog is number 5 when you search for "drive thrus in san luis obispo" on yahoo. now i can die happy

i was walking between classes, and the guy in front of me was peeling an orange. he kept throwing the pieces of peel onto the ground as he walked, and i actually said something to him. something to the effect of "you know, someone has to pick those up. they don't biodegrade for months." he said sorry and walked toward the library. i bet he doesnt care. i read once about orange peels left on the ground... i dont remember the figures but they last for a really long time. they get all leathery and nasty. you've probably seen them. i wonder if i said something as a result of making elementary kids pick up their food trash every day, cleaning up after people at in-n-out for three years, or the influence of the environmental warriors at ben's house. hm...

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

lately i get these emails titled "Zutano, small manhood?" ...why, yes!

do you remember being 4 years old and not wanting to take a nap? i do. and now that i'm 20, a nap is something i look forward to all day long. i miss freshman year, when i got one or two naps every single day. i'm down to about one a week right now. (no time)

Monday, October 28, 2002

every time i go to the library, the book i need is on the bottom shelf. i always start out looking for the call number at eye level, but i know that it will be waaaaaaaaaay down low, so i have to scrunch my giant-like proportions into a pretzel to see the stupid little numbers. pretzels are good.

so i'm walking home from my linguistics midterm today... on the steps in front of one of the eating-places on campus, i see a slightly ratty looking, bearded guy being yelled at by several cops, whose cars are parked by the curb with lights flashing. strange, i think. never seen that before. i keep walking, slowly noticing that many of the people walking around seem to have beards. and dreadlocks. and GOOD LORD, theres a hippie encampment in front of the rec center! beat up volkswagen vans, and legions of longhaired dirty people sitting on the grass. someone is playing guitar, people are smoking, and some guy tells a girl, "This is a dry campus, babe" as she starts shaking a cup that has a few pennies inside of it. i ask one of the beard-y guys whats going on, and he explains that the guy was getting arrested for stealing chicken nuggets from the cafeteria. my narrator belived that cal poly was being hard-assed and had plenty of food for everyone. i wasnt quite sure, but he seemed to say that about 15 people had already gotten in trouble/arrested for something or other. the cal poly police were hovering around en masse, probably deciding if they could arrest everyone for loitering. straaaaaaaange days at cal poly. makes me wonder how it was when my parents went here in the 70's. (by the way, i know not all hippies are dirty. i know many cool people who would fall into that group, but these were definately doin the dirty-people thing) can somebody tell me whats going on?

i am stupid

i have this huuge midterm tommorow. its at 2, but i have class from 10-4, straight. and i havent studied for this thing yet. its in linguistics. i looked at the study guide, and basically this is all stuff we never did in class. my professor has problems. so i'm kinda screwed. supposedly i'm waking up at 7.30 am to study, but we'll see how that goes

Sunday, October 27, 2002

i cant believe it! the angels actually won the world series... i think that i started going to angels games when i was like 5, but i dont remember seeing them win till i was in junior high. of course this has two reasons. 1- the angels kinda suck (but not anymore!) 2- my dad always wanted to leave early, to beat the traffic. so if he thought they were going to lose, we had to go early. we'd be driving down the freeway toward home, listening to the game on the radio. sheesh.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

i just got back from sandboarding.... wow. my roomate carolyn and i, plus our boyfriends, went to the dunes tonight. keith has this sandboard they made, with formica on the bottom and straps to hold your feet on and everything. we'd find big sand dunes and zoom down them. actually, that was everyone exept me. i kept doing butt-plants. i almost went all the way down a pretty steep one, but i flew and did a face plant. actually it was more of a knee and side plant. (ow) there was almost a full moon, and we the dunes were beautiful, they glowed light blue. i took a couple pictures, hopefully they'll come out. all together we walked at least 4 miles, maybe 5. in sand. so i am darn hungry about now :o)

plus i saw pictures of stephanie's babies. go ahead and try to say they aren't cute. they're less than a day old in those pictures yet remarkably non red and smooshed looking. awwww. plus, they have hair. ooooo, hair.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

where i'm at-

i poured juice into my cereal bowl this morning...

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

stephanie had her babies! my mom called at 1.30 to say she was in the hospital, and she had them at about 6.30...... lucky lucky girl. thats fast. :o) hannah and ellie park... they each weighed something under 6 pounds. i can't wait to see them

sarah diane, a 2nd grader, told me this at work today, "we have a sobe machine in our garage, from a licorice store that went out of buisness!" I asked her what kind of store, and she repeated quite clearly, "li-co-rice"

i have a plant of my very own. i bought it in june, and it is still alive! the only other plant i ever had (a minerature yellow rosebush from my mommy), i killed. or actually, i guess my roomate killed it cause she...i dont know. i didnt pay much attention. she was supposed to water it and stuff. but this new plant, this beautiful example of what a houseplant should be... i have watered it once in almost 5 months. its a lithop, a cute little alien-like succulent, that LIKES to not be paid any attention. in fact, the best thing you can do for them is to leave them alone.

Monday, October 21, 2002

i just saw one of the coolest music videos. it was for death cab for cutie's song 'a movie script ending.' it was filmed with some stop and go style that varied its speed according to the music, sometimes it showed enough frames per second to show hair blowing in the wind or something, but mostly it was a couple shots per second. the concept was a couple's last day together before one leaves (on the air-o-plane) they go through a range of emotions, unsureness...anger...contentment. they mess around in bed, eat chinese food, argue in a parking garage. it is all tied together with shots of them in a photo booth. the title of the album is "the photo album" and they have an old song called 'photobooth', so it all works together somehow. download it or something, peoples.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

today i GOT UP EARLY. i went to an arts in education conference at cal poly. it was half elementary school teachers and half college students (future teachers) 9-12 i did a session on architecture, and it was only okay. kinda boring, even though i really like architecture... we mainly just discussed these models we built. discussed evvvvvvveryone's model. then we had lunch, and i did weaving from 1-4. that was much, much cooler. first we did construction paper weaving, but with cool stuff. mine is nifty and the lady who did the session complemented me on it. (aaaawww) i should hang it in my apartment to confuse my roomates. we also made a loom-like thing with straws and wove with yarn. it would have been cool looking if i wasnt so bad at it... i'll try again latAr

from r father n hvn, a book of bible text messages:

"Hpy RU por; da kngdm is yrs! Hpy RU hngry; U wl Bfild! Hpy RU sad; u wl lol! Hpy RU whn ppl h8 U Bcos of da Lrd! B gld&dnce 4jy Bcos a gt prz is kpt 4U in hvn." ~ luke 6: 20-23

"Nthing can sepR8 uz frm Gds lv. Dth cant & lfe cant, angls cant & dmns cant. Worries 4 2day & 2mrO cant - evn da powZ of hll cant kp hz love away." ~ romans 8:38-39

...and the text message for the shortest verse in the bible: "j:.(" ~ john 11:35

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Two fish are in a tank. One says to the other "You drive. I'll man the guns."

i'm trying to be good this quarter. its what... the third week of classes, and i havent missed one yet! (applause, please) i did think about it this morning, though, but i remembered that i was scheduled to observe a PE lesson in another town. that got me out of bed fast! plus, i'm trying to start this yucky 10-15 page linguistics project. well, its kinda cool cause i'm working with the california language arts teaching materials, so there are lots of pretty pictures. :o)

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

i often am driving around town when hunger strikes me. i know what to do- go to the nearest fast food establishment and scarf down something before i have to get wherever i'm going. but sometime in the process of driving to taco bell, i have a terrible realization. san luis obispo has no drive thrus! i must get out of my precious car, walk, wait in line, and then take my food out to my car. someone should make a city planning official from our dear town follow my schedule for a week and try to get 3 meals a day... you'll see drive lanes and speakers materializing instantly. for gods sake, they already HAVE a drive window at jack in the box. it just has tables in front of it instead of cars. and no one can order from it. how useless is that?

Sunday, October 13, 2002

true or false?

my reading for my education class today was "law in the schools"...

If a student is suspended for using profanity, the teacher may request that the student's parent or guardian spend part of the school day in his or her child's classroom. true

students in grade 3 may be disciplined for sexual harrasment. false actually, they have to be in 4th grade or older....

sixteen year old minors may lawfully purchase tear gas with written parental permission. true can you believe that?? why didnt my parents let me buy tear gas?

i'm a hopeless case! i moved into this apartment september 1st, and i still havent put everything away. i told my roomate that if i hadn't made significant, visible progress by the time she came back from her weekend, then she didnt owe me three dollars anymore. but here i am, 2 pm on sunday, and i have barely started. the list of things to do that i just made is kinda bewildering. shower, clean room, work out, laundry, education hwk, linguistics hwk, start linguistics project oh yeah, and my checkbook is a jungle. i'd better find out if i have any money in there before i write another check!

Saturday, October 12, 2002

i finally went and saw "my big fat greek wedding" last night. very good... just the kind of fun movie that i'd really needed to see. :o) you'll like it too, i promise. even if you're a boy. (i went to the movie with four mens, anyways)

oh, yes! and played Munchkin. which is some sort of card game for gamer-nerds. i had only heard of magic before i came to college, and they have always sounded pointless... but i must tell you, munchkin was fun. i wouldnt mind playing some more. i actually won last night, too...

Thursday, October 10, 2002

"do you write much in cursive?"
"well, yes... but not correct cursive"
"are you left handed?"
"no... why?"
"your cursive goes straight up and down. if you're right handed it normally slants to the right."
"i would also say that the spaces between your words are rather large. you could fit an 'a' there."

but other than the cursive sample, i think my interviewer was completely happy. it ended up being one of my current proffessors, and that was cool. he said i read wonderfully. (had to read out loud as part of it) all in all, the whole thing was 10 minutes, cause he said he already knew me from class. :o) yay!

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

my professional aptitude interview for the teaching credential program is tommorow! (that means i have to dress up) besides, i also have school picture day for the elementary school i work at. isnt that cute?

in linguistics class today, we had a guest speaker. a 14 mo old, actually... her mom is the head of the english dept, and friends with my teacher, so when dr. rubba saw them go by, she made them come inside. nadia said such illuminating things as "uh oh!", "ma-ma" (meaning "give me that") and this strange melodic mMMMMmmddDDdmmmmDDDDmmmdD when something was extraordinarily interesting. watching a toddler play with office supplies is much preferable to listening to dr. rubba's mind-numbing lectures.

Monday, October 07, 2002

we have ants in our fridge and freezer! uh oh... hopefully it wont end up like my friend stanley's fridge, which had piles of hundreds pf disgusting dead ants in the freezer. (no joke) they'd clean it out, and a few days later, it would look the same. oh the joys of san luis obispo

Sunday, October 06, 2002

What is your mental profile?

brought to you by Quizilla

i think that the number one thing i miss about my old apartment is the bathroom window. the old place had a bathroom window that cranked up and out. it was just eye level for me, so i'd take showers and watch cars go by on highway one, or watch people attempting to parallel park on my street. (I'd laugh at them, but i doubt i do much better) In this apartment, i cant see out the window at all, cause it starts about 6'2" up. very sad... what am i supposed to entertain myself with now?

i'm still in my pyjamas. 8.30 pm and i still have not showered or gotten dressed. its one of those days when you sit all day doing homework, feeling listless. i look around me and my room is a mess and i still have homework to do, but i dont think anything more will happen till i take my shower.

in other news, i picked up a bottle of "Sally Hansen Maximum Growth" nail treatment. supposedly, in as little as 10 days, i will have 10 great looking nails! so folks, remember this tip for healthy nails: DON'T use nails as tools. (baaaaaaaad) find a socket wrench or something

Saturday, October 05, 2002

today was kinda cool, probably because i didnt have my boyfriend following me around all day. (just kidding!) i went to the beach with my roomate, and we "studied," which mostly consisted of laying in the sun and turning a page every half hour. suprisingly, i have no sunburn! carolyn helped me put on my sunscreen, otherwise i'd have strange triangular burned swaths all over my back. then i went to a barbeque at the house where a friend and my ex live. (do you think this is scaring ben into not leaving for a whole weekend again?) i ate lots of yummy barbeque-ness, and my brother jonathan showed up too. after that, jonathan and i made a little gym visit, which was cool. he says he wants to come every time i do. i like how we're getting to the point where we're friends, not just brother and sister. thats one of the best things about college- having people as friends that you wouldn't have had in high school.

well, right now i'm going to do some of my homework... what i really want, though, is to go buy a bunch of nice, fattening ice cream. ben and jerrys or something. mmm. that would give me brain fuel for linguistics, education, and kinesiology hwk :oP

...i miss you ben!

Friday, October 04, 2002

i really hate linguistics. linguistics is from the debil!

ya know, i'm still working out. and its unbelievable, but i can see a difference. i have meat on my arms! people who dont spend tons of time around me probably will deny there is a change... but there totally is. and its exciting. you should probably send me a present, like food. food to make me stronger yet.