Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Gift-a-palooza

I knitted a lot of Christmas presents this year. A lot. Just for posterity, and so you all can appreciate the insanity, here they are in order of finishing. (All links go to Ravelry, for those who are members.)

1. An Unoriginal Hat for my college roommate

2. Keyhole Scarflet for my cousin, made from yarn we found in her mom's things after she passed away.

3. Calla Coasters- two sets of four coasters. One for my mom, one for my grandparents.

4. Striped Noro Scarf for Stephanie

5. Maine Morning Mitts for my father-in-law to wear while fishing

6. Flame Wave Socks for my mom

7. Ripple Basket Liner for my sister and brother-in-law

8. Rustic Mini Mitten Ornaments for the 2008 Cake and Pie/Freshly Blended ornament swap (plus one for my parents.) I made 11 like this.

9. Mini Mitten Ornament for my sister and brother-in-law. I made another pair like this for myself.

10. Mini Mitten Ornament for my mother and father-in-law

11. This Way Up scarf for dad, who thinks he's allergic to wool. (This scarf is cotton/synthetic.)

12. Lace Leaf Basket Liner for my mother-in-law

I also made some gifts for Holly's December birthday, as well as a cowl for my mom that I knitted the day after Christmas, by request. Phew. That is a lot of gifts!

You can see all 49 finished knits for 2008 here. I hope to do 52 in 2009!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I didn't just bake some of the bread for the fondue party- I baked all of it. Four loaves! I made two small loaves of French rye bread (with a starter but not quite a sourdough), an Italian pagnotta loaf (also with a starter, this one 2 days old), and a country French loaf. They all turned out excellent, although I did buy a loaf from Panera as insurance. (Uneaten.)

We'd thought there would only be 7 of us for the party (In laws, us, and my brother) but happily we ended up with 11 guests! The fondue was great, the bread tasty, and the company wonderful as well. I'm in a better mood, and they say that how you begin the year is how it will continue. My hopes for this next year include a house (duh) and less stress...

Happy New Year!